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Founded by Shaima Shamsi. Storytelling through wearable art. Producing slowly and consciously.

"Innovation in Heritage"

The collection gives life to a traditional form of art, its design roots from words of affection in “This is Damshque” a poem by Nizar Qabbani to create a medium for dialogue preserving it from its extinction through cultured fashion. The collection inspires and motivates the beauty of heritage through innovation. Deeply articulating elements and materials of hand embroidery called Breem; carried out in Damascus, Syria. Traditionally Breem embroidery is not used in clothing, instead in deco, in our collaboration with Nasiba Hafiz an absolutely phenomenal woman and an edgy designer we explored innovation in the traditional ways of using Breem embroidery by designing feminine yet bold styles.

Re-exploring the romance, purity and energy of nature whilst reviving heritage through innovation “Syriana” gives life to the traditional art of Breem embroidery, which has existed in Damascus for more than 120 years. The artisans work with two threads; cane which is rough and silk which is thin and delicate, making it immensely time consuming and a work of sincere patience. Designed by Shaima Shamsi from Third Culture Co & Nasiba Hafiz from Nasiba Hafiz.

Breem Embroiders usually start learning the craft from their fathers and grandfathers between the age of ten to twelve. It takes about 4 years of learning and practice to become a master in Breem embroidery. Due to the unfortunate circumstances in Syria, only 5 master embroiders of Breem are left in Damascus. The rest are either deceased, in the army or have fled the country.


Our embroidery was carried out by “ByJida Studio” in Damascus. They practice both Breem and Sarma embroidery. With the aim of saving this dying form of art from getting extinct by creating new and modern designs. Byjida is currently teaching and supporting children at their workshop to ensure the survival of their traditional arts through the critical times the country encounters.


Nine Boutique Co an art & design studio based in Jeddah sponsored our digital design. Through their belief of putting time and perseverance into everything they do, insuring we unravel the details of enrapturing the Syriana Collection to you in the most relatable fashion.

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Date: 13th December 2017

Journey: Jeddah- Damascus -Jeddah

Launch: The Social Space  Jeddah