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"For the love of the environment"

Opening dialogue through wearable art, conversations, & infographics. Regenerate is a concept designed as a six year long project, travelling across the GCC. Conceptualized to “awaken”, “inspire” and “educate” individuals on the current state of consciousness regarding sustainability in the region. Aspiring to inspire and awaken the power and impact people have as; individuals and collectively as a community in sustaining the environment to ensure the continued comfort through thoughtful wearable art. The inclusive projects work with artist, artisans, brands, communities and designers from the region to open dialogue on "sustainability through design". 

In its first year Regenerate launched in Saudi Arabia, opening dialogue through wearable art on raising a consciousness towards "water consumption" in the GCC.  Revealing denim jackets curated with a visual translation of the importance of preserving and respecting "water" along side a reminder of the future generations to come, and how wasteful we are subconsciously. The art work was broken down into parts and placed on the denim jackets; which translated that individually we all have a role to play in society to preserve and respect water, however collectively as the jackets revealed the bigger picture; translating that together we can have an impact. Denim fabric was used since it does not require constant washing and ages gracefully. Made in collaboration with Dhuwa Almahmood; a fashion influencer determined to support change in society based in Bahrain and Raghad Alahmad; a Jeddah based, collage artist who's mind wanders beyond the universe & Medd Cafe & Roastery in Jeddah.


In its second year Regenerate II launched in Bahrain, opening dialogue through wearable art on raising a consciousness towards "single use plastic" in the GCC. Revealing a bag made with bio-degradable hand-woven cotton and wool & coconut shells, inclusive of reusable cutlery placed in each bag. Perfectly balancing design with functionality encouraging and supporting switching away from single use plastic with a pouch to conveniently placing your re-usable cutlery. Its conscious workmanship delivers a practical & functional alternative to fostering a supportive sustainable lifestyle in the age of plastics. Mindfully made of Bahraini fabrics handwoven in Bahrain to add an element of heritage and support of the weaving community's heritage.

The carefully crafted, "Idiosyncratic" bag, consciously accommodates the ease of carrying your re-usable cutlery in a pouch that comes with the bag, the size of the bag has been engineered to fit in a coffee flask or re-usable water bottle to save you "on the go" whilst still being fashion forward. With detachable straps the bag can be worn as either a bag-pack, crossbody bag, high-pack bag, tote, belt bag, shoulder bag various other ways for you to discover yourself. 

SHOP: Denim Jackets available via email or Instagram enquiry, Idiosyncratic Bag coming out soon.


Date: 22nd April 2018

Journey: Jeddah- Bahrain -Jeddah

Launch: Medd Cafe, at the Saudi Art Council Jeddah

IndustryFashion, Education, Arts

SponsorDOT water, Medd Cafe

Thank you to the special people who made this possible: Haya Hesham, Manar Alesayi, Rawan Jabr, Elias Madan, Ishaq Madan, Saudi Art Council


Date: 27th April 2019

Journey: London- Bahrain

Launch: Mashq Artspace, Bahrain
Sponsor: Mashq Artspace

IndustryFashion, Education, Arts

Thank you to the special people who made this possible: Rawan Maki, Ahmad Baydoun, Rawan Jabr, Dhuwa Almahmood, Ishaq Madan, Elias Madan