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Founded by Shaima Shamsi. Storytelling through wearable art. Producing slowly and consciously.


With optimism cultivated through heritage “Najrani” a collaboration between Third Culture Co & Otkutyr unveils a fresh breeze of strength and purity. Taking inspiration from the dominant personalities of women from Najran; With stories of strength and compassion we captivated feelings through the book “Najran; Desert Garden of Arabia” by Tchekof Minosa (Photographer), Patricia Massari, Cherbel Dagher described in the words of  Ali Ibn Mussallam “A photographic work of pleasing introductions to an area whose ancient beauty and serenity remain for the traveler to discover to this day.” 

Unveiling the riches of Najran’s culture and fertility with a breath of fresh air from its green valleys and soothing mountain terrains; the city in southwestern Saudi Arabia homes houses of clay beautified by protruding triangles with softened edges and open verandas for socializing. The arts & tradition of the desert valley life encases desert roses in its colour palate and silver jewelry ornaments decorating table tops and walls.

The Najrani collection artfully places the lightness and strength of femininity through freedom of wellbeing in its fabrics using tulle, organza, lame & cotton alternating between floral bead patches and precious red and silver crystals to give life to the desert garden of Arabia through the personalities of the women of Najran; kind, gentle, fierce and outspoken. Handmade details such as the traditional belts from the land itself show the true warrior souls in the women who inspired this collection to come to life more through their voices than their actions.

Najran city is famous for its archeological significance. Old Najran was surrounded by a circular wall, 220 by 230 meters, built of square stone with defensive balconies. It contained several unique buildings. Najran enjoys three different geographic landscapes, and they are: the oases, mountains, and desert on its east side.


Date: 1st May 2018

Journey: Najran. Jeddah-

Launch: Rubaiyat Department Store, Jeddah

IndustryFashion, Culture, Arts

Creative Director: Otkutyr Fashion House 

Photographer: Fahad Ayyad