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Founded by Shaima Shamsi. Storytelling through wearable art. Producing slowly and consciously.

Homage by Third Culture Co is inspired by the nostalgia for a time, in the 80s and 90s, of rolled-out chattais, flasks of chai shared with loved ones, over food, card games, and laughter; the chattais temporarily leaving a mark from sitting for too long, the conversations an ever lasting impression. 


The Homage bag not only pays tribute to cherished memories, but to the ingenuity of rural communities transforming what is often discarded into an object of creative utility; the chattai. In India, plastic waste contributes to the livelihood, economic development, and waste management in rural villages. The plastic is collected, sorted, cleaned and stripped to long threads that are then dyed and threaded into durable textiles. Women and men some semi-skilled, disabled and perhaps seniors, weave on a pit loom, wrapping nylon yarn over plastic weft. 


Experimenting with new material and exploring the potential of recyclables, The Homage bag was entirely produced in India. The same process and the same women and men helped create it- with each panel made to order. While Indian artisans reflected the circle of life in the brass handle of the bag. 


Outer material: handwoven recycled plastic 
Lining: organic cotton
Handles: brass
Care instructions: if damaged please return to The Third Culture Co for repair

SHOP: Ei8hty.20 Store, Maisonorient

Date: 13th Dec 2019

Launch: Ei8hty.20 Store

Industry: Storytelling, Travel, Up Cycling, Arts, Fashion

Creative Director & Photographer: Mai Abuhendi

Model & Stylist: Dhuwa Almahmood

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