Third Culture Co Ltd, Suite 521, Coventry House, 1-3 Coventry Road, IG14QR, London, UK


Founded by Shaima Shamsi. Storytelling through wearable art. Producing slowly and consciously.


"A homesickness for home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was”

Took inspiration from the flamboyant culture, applaud worthy architecture and the rule of the royal Maharaja empire in India. Bringing fourth local artisans handwork to give voice to the beauty of diversity whilst construing to multiple disciplines of handicraft. The collection signifies the deep-rooted urge to find home with a mixture of layers of sequence representing individuals which when combined together in multiple colors portray diversity, scattered beads representing cultures, and delicately woven gold thread embroidery representing unity in disparity.

Each of the pieces from the Hiraeth collection has an artistic personality of its own which engulfs inspiration from mosques, temples, architecture, airplanes, landings, clouds and all that rests on land and floats in the sky creating the journey for a place called home for the wandering souls.  Whilst giving life to the social separation between being a foreigner in a county one may call home yet feel in different too, with modern cuts and handwork they are truly one of a kind.


Each of the pieces having engaged in a journey of their own making them truly well- travelled; as they started from India where artisans composed their handwork, sending it forward to Pakistan for tailoring, then arriving in Saudi Arabia for finishing and finally heading to Bahrain for their showcase. Each of the pieces come with a certificate of authentication and marked journey. Since it is easier to absorb globalization and diversity in a product than in human beings. Third Culture’s first project conceptualizes the adaptation, struggle and patience required in being a foreigner through its pieces that have perfect imperfections on them, met from their journey.


Twenty unique pieces make the collection, which took a year in formation. Before finally being showcased at Mashq Artspace, Bahrain with an inventive curation of the gallery displaying each piece as a form of art hanging on jute ropes; reflecting on Third Culture Individuals as the same.

Date: 24th February 2017

Journey: India-Pakistan-Saudi Arabia- Launch: Mashq Artspace, Bahrain


Photographer: Ali Sharaf

Model: Jasmin Khalf