Third Culture Co Ltd, Suite 521, Coventry House, 1-3 Coventry Road, IG14QR, London, UK


Founded by Shaima Shamsi. Storytelling through wearable art. Producing slowly and consciously.



Dialogue is an ongoing series of conceptual conversations with the “global nomad” using typography, art and design to create inclusive t-shirts. Dialogue explores expressive conversations through art & design. With collaborations and inspiration from various artists, to enlighten global inclusiveness, strength and diversity. 


Our first series; Ajnabe; stages the emotion of feeling like a stranger in the most familiar places. At a time and place where we feel disconnected from all that we have known, cultures, traditions, people and places each equally accounting to a homesickness for a place to belong.


Movement and travel has been known as the best form of self-growth for centuries, as global nomads we witness the journey in the 21st century. Breaking the norms of fitting into foredoomed boxes of national sovereignty and cultural attributions. 


Ajnabe” the Arabic equivalent for foreigner the term also means; alien, stranger in Arabic, stranger in Hindi, Urdu and Persian. 

SHOP: Available on our website, at the Bahrain National Museum, Tillys Concept Store(Bahrain)

Date: 10th June 2017

Journey: London, Bahrain, Jeddah

Launch: Bahrain

Industry: Fashion

Photographer: Nine Botique Co


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